Music is life. This is evident in the infinite ways that RootHub creates sound and change. His songwriter personas have given birth to a collection of true stories that belong to all of us. His voice is somehow foreign, yet familiar, as if it has travelled across space and time to remind us of what we are, what we are doing here, and what is yet to come. These songs and sounds continuously take him on a migration around the globe and back home to Hawai'i. His element is the moment. His method is freedom. His teaching is fluid. Fitting that his SONGRISER workshops engage and encourage everyone in earshot to rediscover the creative power of expression through spontaneous sound. 

RootHub has shared his music all across North America,Central America, and Europe. He's supported such acts as Damien & Stephen Marley, Brett DeNNEN, Xavier Rudd, Nahko & Medicine For THe People, and many more.