The Story So Far


RootHub has been traveling the world utilizing music to heal and lift spirits for almost two decades. The path of sound began for him at 18 months old when doctors successfully performed an operation that gave RootHub the ability to hear for the first time.

RootHub's singer/songwriter career began in 2005 and he has toured throughout the US, Europe, and South America. His music has been featured in major motion pictures as well as international marketing campaigns.

In 2013 RootHub began exploring singing and playing music along with yogis Erica Jago, Elena Brower, Janet Stone, and others. This spontaneous mirroring of teaching, mixed with sound and love, has transformed this relationship with music into something wondrous. Through stream of consciousness lyrics and on the fly melodies & rhythms, RootHub helps create a space unbound by time and attachment, which is so conducive to healing through yoga.



 RootHub has developed sound & singing workshops with a purpose to unleash the power of expression of sound for each and every individual. The magic of the now is present in these workshops! These temporary temples are safe and inspiring spaces where instinctive sound is opened up and activated to acknowledge the past, honor the present, and connect with the future.

RootHub has a mission statement that has been present for years since he comprehended what kind of conduit he really is for music and the moment. This mission statement is: "If I can take the boot of stress of someone’s neck for a moment with sound and song, and open up dream time, where we are unbound and able to soar, then I am doing what I am born in this body to do".