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Roothub has a gift of flowing with yoga via immediate live music. His musical accompaniment with yoga classes has been featured at Wanderlust, Omega Institute, Hawaii Yoga Festival, Global Retreats, and much more.  His style is of the now, and unlike any other source of live yoga music. Through a chance encounter singing for Elena Brower in a distant land, RootHub began his journey into the world of wellness music. As a result of that meeting, RootHub began working with Erica Jago for several years of yoga practice. Thanks to these two incredible humans, RootHub discovered a healing element to music that has significantly changed his relationship with music. He has a masterful way of adapting style to any teacher or form of yoga.  RootHub mirrors the teachings and energy of the class through music of the moment. 


RootHub singing a shivasana favorite at Wandelust oahu with yogi Sara Phelan

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RootHub working on his sunset handstand at home in hawaii